How To Keep the Garage Cool for Your Dog

Many pet owners like to keep their canine companions in the house. However, they may choose to keep the dog in the garage overnight, when no one is home, or when guests are over to contain them. A garage free of clutter or hazards is a decent place for dogs to play and rest for a short time when they cannot be inside the home.

Unfortunately, garages get incredibly hot during the summer. How do you keep the garage cool for your pet? We explore several effective methods below.

How To Keep a Garage Cool for Dogs

Understand Your Dog’s Comfort Needs

Not every dog breed will be uncomfortable in hot temperatures. For instance, small dogs like chihuahuas and terriers have much less skin than bigger dogs with thick fur like golden retrievers and huskies. Smaller breeds lose more heat through their skin, so they fare better in warmer environments than big dog breeds.

However, a dog with lots of body fat can easily stay warm naturally because of its insulation, regardless of size. It would be best to keep the garage cool whenever a heavier dog is resting in it.

Invest in Garage Door Insulation

Investing in garage door insulation is an excellent way to keep a garage cool. The garage door is one of the primary sources of hot air inside the space, making it stuffy and uncomfortable for pets and humans.

Garage insulation closes the tiny holes in the door that allow hot air to seep inside. Whole garage door insulation significantly increases the door’s durability and provides consistent temperatures throughout the year.

An insulated garage is also beneficial for your home if it’s attached to the residence. When less heat enters the garage through its door’s unsealed cracks, your home can maintain a constant temperature inside. You can save money on energy bills with garage insulation and keep your pet cool in the summer.

Consider a Garage Mini-split System

A mini-split is the best and quickest way to cool your garage for your dog. A ductless garage mini-split is a standalone cooling system that conveniently controls temperatures in the garage without affecting temperatures in your home. Mini-split units are energy-efficient, and you can customize their temperature settings.

Install a Garage Attic Fan

If you have a garage roof, you may want to consider installing an attic fan. An attic fan keeps the space cool by pushing hot air out of the garage through its attic.

An attic fan circulates air frequently, keeping the air cooler for your pet. It also makes your garage smell fresher and feel less stuffy, reducing the chances of mold, mildew, and pests that would make the garage uncomfortable for everyone.

Other Tips for Dog Owners To Keep a Garage Cool

Pet owners often try less effective methods to keep their dogs cool while resting or playing in their garages. For instance, they may use electric floor fans to circulate air. However, floor fans will only distribute heat throughout the room in the absence of cold air sources, like air conditioning.

Standard ceiling fans are also less effective than insulation or an attic fan. For a garage, you must install a ceiling fan with a UL rating for damp conditions. Still, it may not be enough to keep your dog comfortable.

If you’re unsure what temperature is too hot for your dog, consider installing a thermometer. You can monitor the exact temperature of the garage, so you’ll know when you need to try another cooling method or move your dog to a cooler location. Temperatures exceeding 85 degrees Fahrenheit are too much for canines.

You should also make a comfortable space for your dog in the garage. Be sure to provide plenty of drinking water and food in an accessible location. If you keep your dog’s crate in the garage, leave the door open so your furry friend can come and go as they please.

Keep Your Garage Cool and Dog Safe With Our Help

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