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Why the name ‘German’ Garage Doors?

Contrary to the name, German Garage Doors are not German style or are the doors from Germany, or installed by Germans.

When I named my company, it was actually named German Garage Doors, because that was my fathers name, and my father was my biggest inspiration. Back in my home country, he introduced me to the business when I was just 8 years old. He used to bring with him to his carpentry shop, and I learned many lessons that I remember to this day and implement across our business.

  1. Always do your best at everything you do
  2. Always treat your customers like you would your family. 
  3. Everything that you dream of, is possible.
  4. Always do the right thing and be honest

As a parent he always wanted the best for me in everything I did. From school, to business, to moving to the best country in the world here in the United States. That was back in 2013 when I was just 13 years old.

Starting in the garage door industry in Houston

I started working at a garage door company as an installer apprentice, and fell in love with the garage door industry. I knew from that first day that this was what I wanted to do.

I learned really fast, I became an installer in 3 months, doing about 6 installations a day in new construction. I bought a truck, tools, rack, and set up my truck, and moved to another company for a better job opportunity.

After switching companies and positions, I became a warranty technician, and I couldn’t believe the amount of constant issues I experienced!

The company that I was working for, was using subcontractors for installation, with no training and no customer service, and never took the time to do a quality check when the work was done. This was apparently extremely common in the garage door industry and constantly led to poor customer experiences.

Customers were upset about their doors and service and it was my job to fix the doors and issues and re-build a good relationship with these customers.

The Day I Started German Garage Doors

One day I went to a warranty service call , and the company had left their customer with her car stuck in the garage the whole weekend. She wasn’t happy which was completely understandable and after finishing the job I called the office and I quit my job. I was tired of constantly fixing these issues, when I knew we could be better. 

I still remember that day , questioning if I could run my own business, if I could really make our service better than every other garage door company in Houston. I was determined to run a successful company with happy customers, and provide the best experience in Houston. 

Why are we different at German Garage Doors?

We don’t outsource, and we put our customer first every time.

We train all of our technicians and installers from the ground up so that every installation and repair is done right, directly by our employees. 

Our culture here at German Garage Doors follows our core values, mission and vision to become the best garage door company in Texas. 

We are a team that cares, a team with thousands of garage doors under our belts and a team ready to give the best garage door experience possible in Houston Texas.

We offer: 

  • Same day warranty services
  • Same day emergency services
  • Industry leading doors and repairs

Who is German Garage Doors Today?

Since 2018 we have worked with some of the largest builders in Houston and have installed more than 4,000 doors and around 3,500 openers.

Every home has our name on it, and in 2022 we are planning to double our company and become the biggest company in Houston in the next five years, with the best customer service, backed by leading warranty services. Being there for our customers when they need us, offering honest advice and never selling anything that isn’t needed. We want to change how the people of Houston see contractors, by providing amazing service every step of the way.

We are proud to be a 5-star rated company here in Houston and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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