How to Lubricate Garage Door

While your automatic garage door opener is undoubtedly a huge benefit throughout the year, it requires maintenance to keep the moving parts running smoothly. Usually, garage door maintenance isn’t overly complicated. Garage door lubricants work wonders on a slow or noisy door.

If you’re not someone who knows how to lubricate a garage door or provide general care to one, it’s a good idea to hire help. For those looking for garage assistance near Houston, Texas, call our German Garage team at (832) 479-1743 to complete your garage door lubrication, cleaning, and maintenance.

Different Components to Consider Before You Begin

When learning how to clean your garage to prepare for lubrication, you’ll quickly learn that many garage door parts make up the entire garage door system. Below is a brief compilation of these plastic and metal parts.

-Circuit box (primary power source)

-Garage Chain (attached to the garage door and the unit)

-Nylon or plastic rollers (the circular piece inside the door track)

-Garage track (the two tracks on the outside of your door that hold it in place)

-Bearings and bearing plates (found at the top of the track on either side of springs)

-Metal or plastic hinges (these are the hinges on the inside of the garage door)

Though each of these parts serves a different purpose, they all require attention for a properly lubricated garage door.

Step by Step: How to Lubricate Garage Doors

  1. Clean the Tracks
    Before lubricating your garage door, you must first clean the various parts. The garage door tracks are a good place to start. When the tracks are clean, they allow another part of the system, called the rollers, to close smoothly.
    Regular maintenance on your garage door track ensures that your garage system lasts longer than if you neglect it by letting engine oil, excess grease, debris, and dust buildup damage the tracks and exposed ball bearings.
    You’ll want to use a damp rag to remove dirt build-up to clean the tracks. If your garage tracks are filthy, you can use an automotive brake cleaner to eliminate tough spots. After the tracks are clean, you can begin to work your way into lubricating the moving parts of your system.
  2. Lubricate Garage Door Rollers and Hinges
    After cleaning the tracks, carefully take your lubricant and spray any hinges and rollers. Remember that the door must be open for you to access these components.
    Carefully spray and wipe each part with your lubricant. Avoid dousing the rollers and aim for the bearings within them instead.
  3. Repeat Lubrication with Springs and Bearings
    Next, you can begin lubricating the other parts, including the bearings and springs. To do that, you need a ladder. Usually, the springs are on the top of the track.
    You’ll find the bearing plates on either side of these springs. Spray them and wipe them down with your desired lubricant.
  4. Apply Lubricant To the Top Bar
    After this, lubricate the top and arm bar. The top bar is where the chain rides. It is a long, parallel bar. While on your ladder, spray this entire area with lubricant.
  5. Wipe Off Any Excess
    Finally, wipe off any excess lubricant to ensure a smooth operating system.

What is the Best Garage Door Lubricant?

Most recommend silicone spray to lubricate your door appropriately. Since most are sprays, they spread evenly, so you get just enough lubricant in the desired areas.

For example, with a spray, you can reach even small ball bearings and bearing plates efficiently, while easily avoiding certain areas, like rollers.

What Should You Use to Lubricate Your Garage Door Rollers?

You can use the same lubricant on your rollers as you do on the rest of the system, such as lithium or silicone lubricant. However, do not directly lubricate nylon rollers, as this may cause damage. When lubricating the bearings inside the rollers, use the hose attachment to ensure precision.

Should You Lubricate Your Tracks Yourself?

While doing all this work is an option, it’s also wise to call in the pros to have your garage door lubricated. Then, instead of stressing over choosing the suitable lubricant, cleaning and maintenance, please leave it to our team of experts.

Take control of your garage now. Give German Garage Doors a call today at (832) 479-1743 if you need to lubricate a garage door or have any garage maintenance needs in the Houston, TX, area.

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