How Much Does a Garage Door Weigh?

When installing a new garage door, many homeowners ask about the door’s weight. Garage doors need to be the right weight, or you could damage your opener and springs.

German Garage Doors put together this quick guide on weights for various garage doors. The figures presented are for standard residential doors.

Are Garage Doors Heavy?

Generally, garage panels are heavy and weigh between 100 and 500 pounds. Several factors play a role in determining door weight, including:

  • Material
  • Panel size
  • Thickness
  • Configuration
  • Insulation

Your door’s weight matters as it impacts what kind of springs you can use. If your torsion or extension springs don’t match the door’s weight, the door will not open and close efficiently.

What is the Average Weight of a Garage Door?

Average garage door weight can vary depending on door type and size, but most doors fall in the 100- to 300-pound range. Steel is the most common modern door material, and steel doors weigh between 100 and 200 pounds. The weight of the door also depends on the steel gauge and whether the door uses double-sided steel or rollup sheet doors.

How Heavy is a 16×7 2-Car Garage Door?

Double doors are heavier than their single-door counterparts. The typical 16×7 garage door weight is around 150 pounds for basic steel doors and 200 pounds for insulated double garage doors. Insulated garage doors weigh about 10% to 20% more than their non-insulated double garage door counterparts.

How Heavy is a 9×7 Single-Car Garage Door?

Single car doors, on the other hand, are significantly lighter. The typical 9×7 garage door weight is around 90 pounds for non-insulated steel. A single car insulated door weighs approximately 120 pounds.

Are Double Door Wood Garage Doors Heavier?

Yes, wood doors are typically heavier than other types of doors. Single-car wooden doors can weigh up to 300 pounds depending on the wood type and size. Double wood door configurations can easily surpass 500 pounds.

Why Garage Door Weight Can Be Extremely Dangerous

A heavy garage door can be dangerous if you use the wrong size torsion springs. Springs counterbalance the door’s weight so the carriage can open and close it.

If your garage door springs are not the right size for the door’s weight, it could fall on you or your car. Garage panels can be extremely heavy and could cause serious injury if they fall.

Similarly, if your opener is not the right size, it could break under the weight of the panels. Heavy doors can also bend the tracks and pull them out of the walls, causing several hundreds of dollars in damage.

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